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Tough Phone Cases. Protective... not pretty?

Many people who are looking for tough phone cases want something protective without the ugliness. Many are put off by the very idea of a rugged phone case, fitting like a brick in the palm of their hand or weighing their bag down like they're trying to anchor a ship. But here at Pattern Party we have created a Tough smartphone case that won’t compromise taste. Pattern Party Tough Cases are subtle and stylish.

What makes our tough phone cases different?

  • Double layer case
  • Shock absorbing inner rubber layer
  • Glossy outer shell
  • High definition, vibrant colours
  • Fade resistant
  • Tough but Trendy

Want to protect your phone? Read on to find out why you need one of these.

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Protect your phone

As modern day humans our smartphones are very important to us. They’re a big part of our lives and travel pretty much everywhere we do. Not only do they play a big part in our day to day lives, they are damn expensive and infuriatingly delicate! Whether it be a new iPhone 6S or the cutting edge Samsung Galaxy S7, we all know these mobile devices don’t come cheap, so why take the risk? We at Pattern Party were fed up of that heart wrenching moment when your phone slips out of your hand and summersaults towards the gritty floor! That’s why we went on a mission to create a sturdy, more protective and durable phone case. A smartphone case that will give you the peace of mind that rugged phone cases provide but without all that ugly extra bulk. We created a Tough phone case that won’t compromise your style!

Shock absorbing inner rubber layer

Our Tough phone covers are quite simply brilliant at their job; offering your phone dual defense against bumps, scratches and drops. They consist of two layers of high quality materials each with their own specific qualities working hard to keep your phone safe and sound. A flexible silicone rubber inner fits snuggly and securely around your device providing a cushioning layer. This rubber layer absorbs the pressure and even bounces on impact. Think of it as a shock disperser spreading the impact and therefore providing damage limitation. The rubber layer covers all edges of your mobile phone excluding your screen (you’ll need to see that!). It also covers your buttons; but because of its flexible nature they can still be easily pressed. To top it off, the silicone layer forms a bumper edge around the screen. So should you drop your phone with the screen down it gives it extra protection. Equally if you place your phone face down on a table, the screen won’t make contact with the surface.

Glossy outer shell

What about the outer layer? Well to some this may just be the most important part. Our glossy plastic outer shell has two purposes: Firstly its added protection - 2 layers are better than one. This high resolution plastic outer holds the rubber inner firmly against your device adding strength and durability. Its is both lightweight, incredibly strong and shatterproof. But secondly, this is the layer that provides your choice of artist designed patterns. The plastic outer shell is the perfect material to sublimate our eye popping, bold and colourful designs on. Sublimation is a cutting edge print technology that dyes the plastic, permanently, in high pixel perfect definition. It allows us to print, what we call ‘full wrap phone cases’, where the pattern or design covers all sides of the phone. Trust us, this makes the phone look awesome.

Tough but Trendy phone cases.

Yes! We love our phones and yes we want to protect them but no way are you putting your beautiful new phone in some ugly brick of a case that looks like its sole purpose is to bash a zombie round the head. That’s why we've worked so hard to make an effective but fashionable tough case. Whether you fancy something colourful and patterned like our Tough Memphis Group Phone Cases or something subtle and understated like our range of Tough Minimalist Phone Cases, you're guaranteed to find something you love.

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