Pattern Party Phone Cases - The Story

"Our mission was simple; give the people fun and colourful Protective Phone Cases... Deliver great customer service... And don't charge the earth!"

How it happened

We come from a background of Graphic Design and Illustration and having worked in these fields for years we felt it was time to start designing products with our prints on. So back in 2008 we started a t-shirt label screen-printing bold monochrome designs and loved running a small brand with a DIY ethos. From there we began selling accessories with the most popular being iPhone cases. Soon our bright and colourful patterned cases were outselling our t-shirts... We realised there was a gap in the market for good quality, fun but protective iPhone cases. All the tough phone covers seemed so ugly and big with no aesthetics at all. This is when we made a giant leap of faith; we were going to focus entirely on this market. We set about searching for equipment that would enable us to print the cases ourselves. We had learnt from printed our t-shirts that we wanted complete control over the process. That’s where Pattern Party was born. Drawing on everything we had previously learnt. Our mission was simple; give the people fun, colourful and happy Protective Phone Cases! Deliver great customer service! And don't charge the earth!

"Soon our iPhone cases were outselling our t-shirts... We realised there was a gap in the market for good quality, aesthetically pleasing but protective Phone Cases."

25,000 Phone Cases later...

Having built up a loyal customer base that love our protective and beautiful cases, we started getting requests from other brands to sell their cases too. We have chosen theses brands to feature because they have a creative and working ethos that reflects our own. Every case on this website is hand printed by us at Pattern Party, no matter which brand designed it; this ensures our high levels of quality and consistency in each product. Every case gets inspected before being shipped out to our lovely customers so we can be confident that you’ll LOVE your new phone case. Now all you have to do is choose your favourite!

And the future...

We will always keep up to date with the latest mainstream models of Smartphones to ensure your device never goes naked! For example we have the new Apple iPhone 7 coming in Sept 2016 and soon another Samsung Galaxy will be with us. Not only that, we aim to introduce Tablet cases for iPad and Android in 2017. Check back for exciting news on this. Now go shop!