It's Tricky.

Customers often email us complaining. Not about customer service or delivery times (they're great by the way). No, they complain that they actually can't choose their favourite design, because to put it simply.... they like them *all*. They ask, if they bought 2 could they possibly get a discount? Pretty please??

Oh go on then.

We see the point, it's pretty tricky choosing that one phone case that will stay on your smartphone for months or even years. There's no denying our Tough phone cases will last years (yes years!) but sometimes we just want to change things up a little. One for the summer and one for the winter? Or maybe one for work and one for play. Or maybe.... you want to give a phone case as a gift?

Use code: BUY2CASES at the checkout for 15% off when you buy 2 or more cases!

Don't say we aren't lovely.